• The NZ Martial Arts Institute is established to build the credibility of Martial Arts within New Zealand

  • Our Audited members are Independently verified as being ethical and competent and having authentic grades.

  • We have established quality standards which our members agree to abide by.

  • We can help individuals who have no access to a valid promotion path by setting up grading panels of independent but appropriately qualified people

  • We also need the support of properly qualified martial artists to achieve these goals.

If you care about the future of New Zealand Martial Arts join us now


2017 February

SIS (Security Integral System) seminar in April
Cesar Pelegrin Seminar 2017 brochure
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2016 October

Hanshi Chris R Dessa president was unanimously voted to retain as president

Shihan Simon Gaunt now vice president.

Sensei Syed Mohiuddin secretary
2016 November

Shihan Peter Jennings Kokuyshin Karate, Wellington, heading a team to Japan tournament this month.

Hanshi Dessa heading a team to Fukukoa, Japan for training, refereering and judge at the Seishinkan Renmai tournament.

Shihan Ray Irving Shotokan Counties, heading a team to Canada Karate tournament.
video Promotional Video now available on UTube

Annual membership fees are due by 1st June 2017.

As agreed by the committee the fees are now $50 yearly.

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